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About the Job

Develop, introduce or enact laws and statutes at the local, tribal, State, or Federal level. Includes only workers in elected positions.

It is also Called

  • Alderman
  • Assemblyman or Woman
  • Assembly Member
  • Assembly Person
  • City Alderman
  • City Councilman
  • City Council Member
  • Congressional Representative
  • Congressman
  • Councilman
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People who work in this occupation generally have the interest code: ES.

This means people who work in this occupation generally have Enterprising interests, but also prefer Social environments.

Work Values

People who work in this occupation generally prize Relationships, but also value Achievement and Recognition in their jobs.

Education Required

Most of these occupations require a four-year bachelor's degree, but some do not.


In 2017, the average annual wage in Ohio was $31,800 with most people making between $17,860 and $69,040


avg. annual growth

During 2014, this occupation employed approximately 3,420 people in Ohio. It is projected that there will be 3,350 employed in 2024.

This occupation will have about 0 openings due to growth and about 80 replacement openings for approximately 80 total annual openings.

Apprenticeship Opportunities

  • John Marshall High School
    3952 WEST 140TH ST
    CLEVELAND, OH 44111

Industries that Employ this Occupation

Industry breakdown is not available for this occupation